Mashatu.. finally!

After that brutal flight to Johannesburg, a night in a hotel, a commuter flight to Polokwane, and a charter flight to Mashatu, I was finally there.  And after getting settled in, having high tea (wish that was a custom in this country!!), we went out on our first game drive which always begins in late afternoon.  We encountered this bull elephant who decided that piece of road was his.  And as the last rays of the sun crossed the landscape in this little corner of heaven in southeastern Botswana, I could feel myself relax in the warm evening air.  And before we returned for dinner, we encountered ‘my’ dogs.  Fortunately for me, they had been hanging around fairly close to Main Camp.  mashatu09 1068 mashatu09 1076 mashatu09 1078 mashatu09 1118 mashatu09 1119 mashatu09 1120 mashatu09 1121 mashatu09 1131 mashatu09 1134


4 thoughts on “Mashatu.. finally!

  1. Wow, what a welcome back to Mashatu. And "your" wild dogs were there to meet you as well. What more could you want! Beautiful sunset, magnificent location and I look forward to seeing many more of your photo\’s and hearing many of your stories.Sandra

  2. Love your photo\’s Nancy. I would love to experiece what you & sandi have in Africa. I am starting to get more adventurous so who knows one day I may get there.

  3. What a magnificent bull! Only in Africa can one see such a wondrous sight! I look forward to seeing your photo albums.

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