I thought I’d show the reptiles separate since we usually don’t think that much about reptiles in Africa other than crocodiles.  Unfortunately for me, one guide managed to find two rock pythons twice in one drive… I wasn’t with them!  I did find one last year…. First, is a blue tailed skink, followed by another that I don’t know the name for.  

mashatu09 067 mashatu09 065mashatu09 066mashatu09 1573

When I saw this crocodile, I wanted to tell all my ‘pondie’ friends that we’d found Fatty.  I hardly think it is but it was fun to think he’d been located.

 mashatu09 533  mashatu09 535

These are crocodiles that live in the moat inside the camp.  If Fatty does not return to the pond, the larger of these crocs will find a new home in at Pete’s Pond.  There are at least five crocodiles in the moat.  Three babies and two larger one.  But I think there is actually more.

mashatu09 075

mashatu09 079  mashatu09 374 mashatu09 078 mashatu09 074

I saw this monitor and it’s the only one I saw this time.

mashatu09 2328

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of chameleons I saw.  I saw none of these last year.

 mashatu09 1768 mashatu09 1769

A few days later we ran across this hapless fellow that had just been bitten by an unidentified green snake.  It had been scared off as the vehicle came down the road but would undoubtedly return for its meal.  Poor thing!!

mashatu09 1862  mashatu09 1860 

However, the next chameleon we came across was very much alive.  A nice respite after pulling up and cutting massive amounts (well, it seemed like it anyway) of vegetation.

mashatu09 2313 mashatu09 2312

This little character was just sitting in the road waiting to be run over.  We picked it up, watched for a while and put it down off the road.  I had no idea a chameleon could run so fast!  I learned that chameleons were feared by the native people.  Because their eyes can move forward and backward meant that they could see into the past and future.  Well, that’s it on reptiles….


5 thoughts on “reptiles

  1. The Blue tailed Skink was a nice find and Chameleons, wow, they are something special. I have never seen a chameleon and can only assume that they are not afraid of humans by looking at your photo\’s.Sad to hear that Fatty has left the pond, it can\’t have been a shortage of food so maybe nature was telling him, he needed to find a mate.Does the camp feed the crocs and why are they in the moat?SandraNice blog and

  2. Sandra, they do feed the crocs. The main chef collects meat that hasn\’t been cooked and left over impala that Andrei might have if he\’s been trapping any of the cats. She keeps it frozen until she has enough for all of them.I don\’t know why they have crocs in the camp. That\’s where Fatty came from in the first place. He\’s left before during the rainy season. And I don\’t know why the chameleon\’s weren\’t afraid. The other lizards skittered away quickly.

  3. Thanks for the great pics. It\’s nice to meet Fatty\’s family. How much longer are they going to wait for Fatty to return before they replace him?

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