I’ve just uploaded one group of elephant photos.  Since there are so many I’m dividing them into three groups.  First, just elephants.  I also plan to upload an album of elephants wallowing in mud.  Last year there wasn’t any real water left in the river beds so I saw none of this then.  They have so much fun doing this and I was thrilled to be able to watch them.  I am also uploading photos that are mostly new calves and youngsters just because they are so captivating.

I am adding a picture of an elephant that walked right up to the vehicle so you can see just how close they will come.  I didn’t take this picture; Andy did.  And you can see the top of my head in the right hand corner.  I was thrilled, to say the least!


3 thoughts on “elephants

  1. Wow Nancy, your Ellie albums made my day. I enjoyed it so much to see all the photo\’s. I can\’t wait to see more Botswana photo\’s.

  2. Wonderful photos, I was beginning to think you weren\’t going to share them with us. It was worth the wait though. Seeing the elphants in your photos and knowing their behaviour from seeing them for myself, makes me feel like I was there with you. I can just imagine or that slushing going on as the young ellie rolled in the cool mud. What an amazing feeling it must be for them.Thankyou Nancy for sharing.Sandra

  3. What a great thing to be able to watch. That mud looked so very thick – makes you realize how strong they are to be able to waller around in that without getting stuck! The tiny baby was just precious! PRECIOUS!!!!

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