I just finished an album of zebra.  I saw many more than I did last year and certainly actual herds of zebra.. probably because the grass was still long and edible although was probably nearing the end of its value to the animals.  I learned why they are often found grazing with wildebeests.  The wildebeest eat the tops of the grass as they ‘flower’ and go to seed.  The zebra eat the rest of the grass.  Apparently, during an extended drought in the area (can’t remember when it was but it’s been a while) the wildebeest herds suffered far more deaths than the zebra because the zebra would eat elephant dung since much of the grass is passed undigested.  It had no value to the wildebeest.  I was told that the herds of both the wildebeest and the zebra still haven’t returned to their original numbers.


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