Birds at Pete’s Pond

I have so many bird pictures, I decided I would divide them into groups.  My trip to Pete’s Pond was truncated by the ‘necessity’ of gathering vegetation from the research plots.  By the time we got to the boma at the pond it was well after dark.  I knew we were leaving fairly early the next morning to check out the dead elephant.  I sat for a while in the hide, in the dark, with all the mosquitos.  I had been hoping to spend a couple of days there and spent even less time than last year.  Oh well…  you take what you can get as a volunteer.  Although the pond was visited by a variety of animals before we had to leave, birds were by far and away the most prolific creatures that visited that morning.  I’m not complaining.  I love watching birds and these are vastly more exciting than my backyards birds based mostly sheer numbers of species, sizes and colors.  Here’s a cattle egret in the early morning light.  The rest will appear in the album entitled “Pete’s Pond Birds”.

mashatu09 585


3 thoughts on “Birds at Pete’s Pond

  1. What wonderful light to catch such a beautiful bird. You have captured some great shots Nancy. It is nice to look through them all and be able to put a name to each and every one of them. Sandra

  2. I\’m glad you know the names of all of them. I had to look up a couple. That little blue bird was one I didn\’t know. But what I found that seemed most like it was the blue waxbill which is not what you called it!

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