little critters

I have pictures of some of the smaller creatures around the reserve so I thought since there weren’t that many, I’d put them in a blog instead of an album. 

The following picture is a rather large grasshopper.  It is probably 2.5 inches long.. at least.  For those that listen to any of the african web cams, the sound similar to crickets but the decibels ratcheted up, that’s this grasshoppper. 

mashatu09 539

mashatu09 537

These silly mongoose at Pete’s Pond ran back and forth from one end of the pond to the other were delightful to watch.  There were probably thirty altogether.  However, if I had inserted a picture showing the entire line up here, you probably wouldn’t be able to see them.  Note the ginger colored one..  No one knows why this one is such a different color.  There are not any others like this.

mashatu09 946

Such a variety of sizes here!

mashatu09 903 mashatu09 907 mashatu09 926 mashatu09 927 mashatu09 936 mashatu09 939 mashatu09 941 mashatu09 942 Basmashatu09 943

This next picture is the spring hare although Bashi insisted that it is an African kangaroo. 😉

mashatu09 1766

Here’s an interesting moth; quite colorful!  I found this in my cabin.

mashatu09 1454

Next is a terrapin and then a rock monitor.  I almost missed the monitor because it blended in so well with the tree. mashatu09 1894 mashatu09 1896 mashatu09 2328

Who can resist a little ground squirrel?  Last year a couple of these little guys raised the alarm to a rock python I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. They did their best to drive it away.  Although they were unsuccessful, neither did the python get a meal out of it.


And a couple of mongoose hanging around..  


These two pictures are the African wild cat.  It truly looks like the domesticated tabby although somewhat bigger and with longer legs.  I actually saw several at different times which suprised me.  We didn’t hang around because, as you can see, this cat was not adjusting well to the lights.


But these following shots are my favorite.  This is the bat earred fox.  It is rare to see them in the daylight.  We saw several at night several different times but to find them during the day was unique.  We watched them for quite a while.  They were in no hurry to move off for cover.  They depend on their large ears to help them find insects, grubs etc. under the ground.  They hear them moving about and then dig them out.  That just amazes me.

IMG_4842 IMG_4833 IMG_4836 IMG_4838 IMG_4841


3 thoughts on “little critters

  1. What a great sighting………….Bat Earred Fox and the African Wild Cat is another great sighting. You certainly saw a good variety of wildlife. Sandra

  2. The Bat Earred Foxed are awesome Nancy. I like the beautiful coloured Moth. It\’s wonderful to see the whole Mongoose family. Great pics.

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