Pete’s Pond

Since Pete’s Pond was at the heart of my actual determination to make it to Africa, I figured I’d better include an album of pictures I took in the short time that I was able to visit the pond this year.  Last year I spent a day, a night and part of a second day at the pond.  Much to my dismay, this year was severely truncated.  We got there well after dark, had to set up our sleeping arrangements in the dark but at least had a very good meal cooked over a fire.  Many of the birds in the bird album were taken at the pond so I’ve tried to limit the number I’ve included in this album.

 mashatu09 588

But how can I resist including a few more of these beautiful creatures in this early morning light?

mashatu09 634

Or this beautiful blue!

mashatu09 767


But really, the best thing about Pete’s Pond is when many different animals visit the pond all at the same time.  Here you can see an impala calf and a very late wildebeest calf.  Apparently, she had a late calf last year as well. 

mashatu09 826 

mashatu09 918

mashatu09 920

mashatu09 818

mashatu09 816

 mashatu09 925 

Some of the pictures in the album show equipment that the animals may be near.  I wanted to include them just to put everything in context.  I really should add pictures from last year at Mashatu when I finally finish up this year’s trip.


2 thoughts on “Pete’s Pond

  1. NancyJust a quick comment as I am on my way to work. It is wonderful to see Petes pond again and all the locals, I haven\’t looked at the cam in over a year. It must have put a smile on your face to see so many critters in one small area. I will take another look tonight at your album when I get home and then I will have time to comment. It was a nice surprise to wake to find your entry.Sandra

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