This is blog and album include the other hoofed animals not in their own albums.  Impalas, wildebeest, eland and kudu are everywhere, of course, and seemed to be overlooked. Impala, although breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the large predators, are beautiful to look at and to watch. 

mashatu09 437 

mashatu09 2319


Such a strange looking creature is the wildebeest but they are strong and fast.

 mashatu09 109


For all their size, eland are very skittish!

mashatu09 120


I love the spiraling horns of the male kudu.  I saw far more female with young than fully grown males.

mashatu09 475

mashatu09 1879


There are the smaller ones such as steenbok which live in pairs rather than herds.  I learned that they cover their poop like cats!  And the little bushbuck of which several seem to live at the camp.  I saw them occasionally within the camp itself.  There are also duikers in the area but I didn’t see any.

mashatu09 1999 

mashatu09 385


And of course, my favorite, the warthog.  A family came to visit our cabins one afternoon. :-)))

mashatu09 548

mashatu09 544a

Everything else is in the album.


2 thoughts on “ungulates

  1. Wonderful close up of the wartie. Her hair looks so coarse.Another great album and another that I will enjoy going back to look at over and over again.Sandra

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