I saw so many baboons this year.  Far more than last year.   There were a couple of spots we passed where they congregate to sleep.  You can smell it before you get there.  They really need to do some housekeeping.  :-))   Anyway, since it’s just baboons I thought I’d put it in a blog rather than an album.

mashatu09 1486

mashatu09 1500


See the little guy peeking out?  In the subsequent pictures the baby comes out but s/he never wanders far from mom.  Given the pink face and ears, this little guy can’t be very old at all.

mashatu09 1777

mashatu09 1778

mashatu09 1780

mashatu09 1781

mashatu09 1782


“I’m feeling a little creaky this morning… please don’t lift my leg too far!”

mashatu09 1783

mashatu09 1784


Notice this gal is hot to trot!

mashatu09 1878


There were lots of little ones in this river bed.  They were soundly whacked several times when they tried to hang out with the big boys.  It sounded like they were being drawn and quartered!

mashatu09 2350

mashatu09 2350a

mashatu09 2351

 mashatu09 2352


This little one managed to escape the spanking and remained on the side of the riverbank.  Nothing special about the bank; just that a big boy was hanging out there and didn’t appreciate the company.

mashatu09 2353

Their amber colored eyes were startling.





2 thoughts on “baboons

  1. Love the shot of the troop sitting in the dry river bed and the young baboon sitting on his own. I have a lot of time for Baboons, they make for great photos.Sandra

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