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These are pictures of various things that happened from day to day and my arrival and departure. I’m putting it in a blog because it’s easier to explain things than add captions to the album pictures.  Not everyone will be interested in this but some people want to see everything.

This first picture is the central area in the Johannesburg airport.  This airport is huge compared to Sea-Tac.  There are people placed everywhere to answer your questions.  I felt perfectly safe in this airport even though I didn’t have a clue where anything was.

 mashatu09 1041 

This is the view from my hotel room.  Nice, huh?  On my return, especially since I’d be there for a much longer time, I asked for a room that was a little more pleasing to the eye.

mashatu09 1032 


This is the commuter plane that took us to Polokwane which is still in South Africa.

 mashatu09 1042 


This is the charter plane that would take us to Mashatu.  That’s the pilot and my fellow volunteers from England.  We had a great time together which made the tediousness of some of the work we did far more tolerable.  We spent quite a bit of time laughing about pretty much everything.  I would love to be able to visit them.

 mashatu09 1043

mashatu09 1044

mashatu09 1046


Wherever there was large areas devoted to agriculture, these circular fields were in abundance.  I don’t know why they were like this.

mashatu09 1049

mashatu09 1050


The Limpopo River!  That means we’re almost there.  I tried to see Pete’s Pond but didn’t find it.  I did see it on the flight out.  That picture will come later.

mashatu09 1059


This was my cabin.  There were four here.  They were pretty rustic but I didn’t mind.  Although if I were there in the winter, I probably might be complaining about being cold, which most of you know I HATE!  There was absolutely no insulation.   Although many people don’t link cold with Africa, this environment is very desert like (except during their rainy season in the summer) so winter nights can get pretty chilly.

mashatu09 1066


As you can see there is a cooling and heating unit and even mosquito nets inside.  I didn’t use it though.  I prefer the fresh air of autumn.

mashatu09 372


These next pictures are a few things around camp that didn’t fit anywhere else.

These are weaver nests.  They were still ‘occupied’.  Every time we walked by, which we did several times a day since it was the only way into the camp itself, the birds would go ballistic, even at night!  You’d think they’d be used to it.

 mashatu09 068


I forget what this plant is called but the local folks used it to make tea.

mashatu09 083


A flower around the cabins.  It’s delicacy made it seem a little out of place but it must be a lot hardier than it looks.

mashatu09 084

mashatu09 085


This is one of the little bushbuck that like to hang out inside the camp.

mashatu09 090



Here’s Rex trying to find us some lions.  It wasn’t until we arrived at Mashatu that we found out that the leopard (and lion) shadowing project was no longer part of the volunteer program.  Andy had been particularly interested in this.  So Rex said he’d take us out to find them.  Unfortunately, they were all off the Mashatu property.  They were not seen until that last day we were there. 

mashatu09 499 


This boma is used by travelers on foot, horseback or bicycles.  This is where they can stay overnight.  This was west of the main camp out where we were looking for lions.

mashatu09 480 

 mashatu09 479

mashatu09 481


These two pictures are of us ‘working’.  We spent several days collecting vegetation samples.  Andy got to stand in one spot and take pictures, 360 degrees, of the plot.  Actually, he did quite a bit more once he was done with that. Right, Andy???  :-))  Lesley and I had to mark off a square meter of land in each plot and pull up all the vegetation and stuff it in a bag, properly marked, of course.  Those grass seeds are murderous!  Then meter long branches from various trees in the plot had to be cut. Once those were collected, they had to cut into smaller pieces and stuffed into bags.  Now, there are reasons I’m not a researcher and one of those reasons is that my memory sucks!  So remembering which plant went with which bag was not my strength… a cause of much of the laughter between Lesley and me……mashatu09 2315


And finally, I had to leave… More standing around waiting for customs people at Limpopo airport and Polokwane.  In these smaller places, following protocol and being on duty at all times is clearly not considered a priorty.  Actually, I didn’t mind.  It was, in some ways, a refreshing change from life here.  Although, if I was on a tight schedule I might not be so amused by it all.




And finally, Pete’s Pond from the air!!!



2 thoughts on “just stuff…

  1. You saved the best shot till last and doesn\’t the aerial shot make the pond look so small. I know the Johannsburg airport has been upgraded since I was there last but even back when I was there,5 years ago, it is the best airport in the world, not only in my eyes but in many travellers eyes, to shop if you haven\’t already had the opportunity.Your cabin looked very homely and I must say, far nicer than what I had expected. I can\’t believe they have installed air conditioning both hot and cold, what luxury, and what a way to ruin the feel of being in Africa. Sandra

  2. The little Bushbuck is beautiful Nancy, The view from your hotel room is awful but your cabin looks very nice. I like your Pete\’s Pond shot.

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