Queen Elizabeth National Park: Uganda

This park has beautiful, wide landscapes as it is mostly savannah.  However, it is surrounded by lakes. 


Ugandan kob,,






lots and lots of birds….


cape buffalo…..


Following are just more pictures……

I love this bird!  It’s called a thick-knee, although I don’t remember which one.


Sometimes you just gotta take a short break.


I can never resist those baby elephants!






This is the area that Sula, one of our drivers, grew up.  He took some of us on a short walk where he used to live.  These Maribou storks, scavengers you will probably guess, seem to spend most of their time standing around.  They are either the laziest or most patient birds I have ever seen.


Okay, this is something I never would have believed.  When you see warthogs on the savannahs, they are rather skittish and it’s hard to get decent photos.  Usually, they turn, tail high, and trot off to a safer distance.  It will become obvious why this warthog was so ‘available’ for photos.




These mongoose were hanging around the kitchen at the lodge, waiting for handouts.  My apologies for so many photos being slightly out of focus.  Somehow the manual focusing ring on my big lens quit working.  So even though the lens told me it was focused, and I can’t rely on my eyes (even with glasses), I just had to hope the lens knew what it was doing.


There were more resting under this bush.  This warthog decided the mongoose had to share the shade.  Apparently, there was quite a turmoil going on under the bush, until everyone was comfortably settled.


Next, comes the river trip on the Kazinga Channel.  The huge numbers of birds were awesome, really.


4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth National Park: Uganda

  1. They were quite funny to watch. One adult had run off with a piece of meat, and a baby grabbed hold and refused to let go. The adult ran off with the baby bouncing along on the ground determined to get its share.

  2. I love the ellie shots, especially the front on shots of the ellie with the tusks that turn in. The warthog shots are hilarious. Since when does a warthog lie that still!!!!!!! I practically gave up this year trying to get a decent warthog shot.

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