Queen Elizabeth.. the rest

After the river trip, we spent more time on land, looking in particular for the tree climbing lions.  In a tree, but not a lion… just a vervet monkey.  But that looks soooo uncomfortable!DPP_0298DPP_0297

Lions!  But not in a tree, obviously.  This is a lioness and an older cub, doing what lions do best.


More life on the savannah…


The dark spot on this female waterbuck is a gland.  It produces a substance that apparently makes them unappealing to predators.  Not that it stops them from being hunted, but it supposedly does help protect them.


Those brown bumps were a bunch of mongoose running back and forth.  The kob did seem to find some entertainment value in watching them.


As we were driving through this large park, we came upon this lake.  It seemed to be divided into sections and people were down there doing something in that water.  Turns out the people in this village are ‘mining’ salt.  There are so many lakes in this area, formed in the craters and between the volcanic mountains that surround this area.  Some of them are quite salty.  Visiting them to find out more was allowed.  When they are not gathering the salt, they are fishing… on the other side of the hills.



But we ran into elephants on the way down.  Just can’t ignore them..





Fascinating… although apparently long term exposure causes some serious health problems.

OMG…. here they are.  But, that’s as close as we got which wasn’t close at all.  And these were taken with my big lens.  Poor quality, but it was what I got.  Apparently, over the previous few days, no one was fortunate enough to have seen them.  I guess we were lucky, then.



more topi.. I love these guys..


obviously after a meal.. but missed.


Leaving Queen Elizabeth National Park, we are headed for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and our first gorilla trek.  Believe me, it lives up to its name.


Across the river is the Congo.



Thanks for putting up with all the photos prior to the first gorilla trek.  I love seeing all the animals in such a variety of ecosystems.  Next comes the first gorilla trek!


3 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth.. the rest

  1. Lucky you, getting to see the tree-climbing lions even if from some distance! I loved seeing the critters also. Darline

  2. What a variety and great bird life. It is a shame you couldn’t get closer to the tree climbing lions but there are rules for a reason and it is good to see the guides abide by them. It would have been a great sighting besides and I hope you had your binoculars.
    While their may be long term side effects to mining salt, it must be a great source of income for the locals which they all need.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting places like the salt lake, fishing villages, towns, etc. Although we spent so much time in the vehicle getting from place to place, it did provide the opportunity to see daily life so close and personal.

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