Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park: Uganda…… and GORILLAS!

Finally, we arrived here for the first of three mountain gorilla treks.  I took no pictures until we arrived at the place where the gorillas had been tracked.  All I can say about the hike is I’ve never ever deliberately stood in that much rain in my life.  I wouldn’t even call it rain.  And as you’ll see from the pictures, some of the gorillas didn’t enjoy all that water even though they probably deal with it on a regular basis.  I’m grateful they didn’t retreat to the trees which were close by.  I don’t know if it will show up here, but in some of the pictures, you can see faint lines on the photos which is the rain.  And believe me, this place lives up to its name, impenetrable!   I have never felt so clumsy…. slipping and sliding all the way, squeezing through dense vegetation on narrow trails… if there were trails….  When we reached the area where the gorillas were, we left our stuff (except for cameras, of course) and walked another 100 meters or so.  We must have been walking on vines that were probably at least a meter deep.  I realized when I downloaded the photos, that I have a lot to learn about photographing dark objects surrounded by green.

This is one of the gorillas who was not happy about the rain.  Others seemed to ignore it altogether.  I empathize with this one.


This mom has a six day old baby.  After we stopped, surrounded by gorillas, the ranger began to talk about this group.  After a few minutes, she came down very close to us, sat in front of the ranger and seemed to be showing him her new baby.  It was incredible!


same gorilla, still waiting for the rain to stop..



Hard to see here, but this silverback is playing with a baby.  I was amazed to see how often the silverbacks would take a baby from its mom, hold it, groom it and play with it.  Very sweet.DPP_0435DPP_0437DPP_0439

nose picking is popular….DPP_0441DPP_0442

here’s mom and babe…..







You can see the streaks of rain on the next few photos below.   I’m surprised any of them are in focus.  Between the difficulties of the dark object on the background of green, the rain and the lens fogging up, it was a challenge.


still sitting in the same place…..


looks ferocious, does he?DPP_0466DPP_0467DPP_0468DPP_0469

This is the end of the first mountain gorilla trek, and we slipped and slid back down the mountain.


2 thoughts on “Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park: Uganda…… and GORILLAS!

  1. I am so sorry to hear you had to trek in torrential rain. I have another friend who was there about the same time as you and he told me, the ranger said it was the worse rain he could recall. You didn’t mention what group you visited and in what are of Bwindi??
    In-spite of the rain, and the gorillas looking very depressed about the weather, you have done very well with your photos. I know how difficult it is.
    P.S. I had the first 2 days of sunshine since all the rain to trek, but on both days, the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down just as we got back to the vehicles. I count myself extremely lucky..

  2. You were very lucky, indeed. That first trip in Uganda was quite an ordeal, but worth every suggy minute. We saw the ‘H’ group. The name is Habinyaja. Did you get a picture of your groups? We could purchase them, which I did but only in Uganda.

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