Volcanoes National Park mountain gorillas (continued)

Here are the rest of the photographs from Rwanda.  I’m disappointed in the quality of so many of the photos, but not much I can do about it now….

Lots of youngsters playing, babies, of course, and lots of laying around.  In one of these groups was a day old baby but it was nearly impossible to photograph.  She kept it well stuffed in next to her.




This little guy was hilarious!  He descended down a vine from high up in a tree.  When he was just above us, he stopped and began to show off.  He swung on the vine, holding on with just one hand and beating his chest with the other.  He used the vine like a swing and just sat there.   He hung upside down.  This went on for five or ten minutes, I really have no idea.  Most of the time, he was facing one of our group who video taped the entire encounter.  When he figures out how to upload it, I’ll be sure to provide the link.  It will make you giggle.  He is about six months old.  At one point, he started walking directly toward me with one arm out, probably to try to get my camera.  I had squatted down to try to get on his level for a photograph.  Of course, the ranger immediately told us to back up.  It’s hard to do when you’re squatting but I managed to stand up and move back a bit.  At that point, he stopped and moved off.  I can’t tell you how much effort I had to put into not reaching out my hand towards his.  


And that’s the end of the gorillas. 

Next is the couple of days I spent in Akagera National Park in Rwanda.  My last stop before I returned home.

And….. I haven’t downloaded pictures for my little point and shoot.  If any of those turned out okay, I’ll add them soon.  They are mostly people and what I could capture of daily life in these two countries.


3 thoughts on “Volcanoes National Park mountain gorillas (continued)

  1. What wonderful, expressive eyes they have! What a wonderful experience for you! Something I’m sure you will never forget! Amazing….just amazing!

  2. Don’t be disappointed with your photos, you have taken some great shots and captured some beautiful group shots. I too know how difficult it is to photograph the gorillas.

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