Victoria Falls and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

We visited Victoria Falls first from the Zambia side and then from the Zimbabwe side.  That required a visa to get in and then another to get back into Zambia.  A little confusing but all without a hitch. 

I can hardly describe the volume of water thundering over the falls.  The other name for the falls (also the name of the park, Mosi-oa-Tunya, means “The smoke that thunders”.  You can see the mist rising in the air from far away.  It does look like smoke rising from a fire.  It’s also very wet!  You wear ponchos otherwise you end up drenched.  It makes it a little hard to take photographs!  By the way, I didn’t get to jump in Devil’s Pool.  Still too much water flowing. 😦


This bridge is the way between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  It is also the bridge from where people can bungee jump!  Victoria Falls has become the adventure capital of Africa.




The bridge from the Zimbabwe side.  We could get close enough to see jumpers but there weren’t any at that time.


A double rainbow!


Next stop was the small national park that has the last remaining white rhino in the entire country.  That is a sad story, indeed.  DPP_1282

Elephants are masters at pushing over trees.  But apparently, there wasn’t much interest in doing so with this lucky tree.




grey hooded kingfisher


Some of the giraffe here have very pale spots.  This is, unfortunately, due to a lack of diversity in the gene pool.  It is a small national park, and there is no corridor to other areas.


The matriarch of this herd decided to take exception to our passing on the road.  She refused to move even though her herd had left the road.  We finally gave up and took another route.




A little extra salad….


The rhinos have implants in their horns that allow them to be tracked 24/7.  Initially, a group of rhinos were brought in to this park.  All were poached except one; he’s the guy sleeping in some of these photos.  More were brought in and those are the eight that are there now.  Because we were with AWF, we were allowed to have access to where some of them were.  It was truly a privilege.

The calf was born here.


These are two males.  The one resting is the only remaining rhino left from the initial reintroduction.  The others were all poached.


After his companion left and we prepared to leave, he got up and wandered off. The sun was about to set and he was going to lose his sun soon.


On our way to Botswana, we stopped at a school that AWF has helped fund.  It’s in a very rural area and some of the kids walk quite a way to school.  There is one language that is understandable to everyone…. children seem to giggle exactly the same way no matter where they live and whatever language they speak!


On to Botswana next.  That will take a while…


4 thoughts on “Victoria Falls and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

  1. Beautiful Nancy. Loved the Falls.Which of the two countries offers better viewing in your opinion?
    Your were fortunate to be able to go into an area where the Rhinos are being re-introduced, let’s hope this introduction is a more successful one. Did you get the Africa Geographic magazine dedicated to just Rhino’s, it was a great read.
    Love all the photos and will enjoy looking at them over and over again for a long time.

    • The falls on the Zim side are lower so there is more water flowing over and thus, more mist and a little harder for photographs but certainly dramatic. The Zim side is more organized in how they present the falls. But it terms of viewing the falls, it really didn’t matter which side you are on.
      I did read that rhino edition. It was a good one.

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