everything not cats, dogs, birds and elephants (still with Grant)

There are still plenty of photos I like or remind me of some special interactions.  So I am putting them all here.

red lechwe


such a handsome boy..



kudu.. they are so graceful and those horns make them seem so elegant


a tangle of horns..


a little landscape… it is a water world and yet water levels are significantly lower than normal.



female waterbuck


a ridiculous number of photos from the helicopter


At least in Botswana, the elephants are relatively safe from poachers.  It is wonderful to see so many everywhere you look.


not too happy with the helicopter


our camp



you can see the helicopter’s shadow!


Even the big boys like to play in the water.



Many people find such situations upsetting but it is a necessary part of the cycle.  These hyena were quite skittish, as if they were expecting other predators to challenge them at any moment.

When an elephant is found dead, the wildlife service is contacted and the tusks removed for obvious reasons.  The carcass is left for predators and scavengers to complete the cycle of life.


It’s always a surprise to find these guys.  I was quite happy to see this honey badger and also on my previous trip.  We hoped s/he would come closer to the carcass but after sniffing around for a bit, s/he disappeared as quickly as s/he appeared.


I missed this little owl when I was doing the birds so it’s going here.  It’s a pearl spotted owlet.  I’ve seen quite a few but I think these are the best photos I’ve been able to get so far.


It really is very tiny.  I am always amazed every time the guides spot one.


Since there is as much abundant wildlife around the Chobe, I’ll do another post. 


3 thoughts on “everything not cats, dogs, birds and elephants (still with Grant)

  1. Oh wow again. I have been so busy today that this is the first chance I have had to have a look. You know me I am not a night owl and it’s 10pm. So many great photos. Love the Kudus and the horns and the the shots from the helicopter. 16172 really stood out to me. The Pearl spotted Owlet is beautiful. I have never seen one, just how big are they or should I google it? And a Honey Badger, you have truly been spoilt with some amazing sights. And the elephants, so many could be seen fro the air. I truly envy you this experience.

  2. The ride is only half an hour which didn’t seem like enough but if it had been any longer I probably would have run out of memory! The owlet is 18 cm. my book shows another that is smaller, the african scope-owl at 15-17 cm.

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