Everything not cats, dogs or elephants.. Chobe River

Besides the obvious draw of elephants on the Chobe, there was still plenty more to watch.  Always lots and lots of hippos!DPP_17184DPP_17185DPP_17190DPP_17191DPP_17192DPP_17193DPP_17194DPP_17196DPP_17198DPP_17200DPP_16946DPP_16949

A little late afternoon light on the river…


Here he comes…. really not as close as he appears.


This is probably my favorite.  I can even see the color of his eyes.


This is a sable antelope.  I have seen them in the distance before and very rarely.  But here was this guy just coming over the bank as we moved down the river.  Obviously, we stopped!  It was hard for me to get decent exposure because the animal is very dark and it was quite bright out.


a couple of impala..


I love photographing buffalo.  They are often overlooked by people since they don’t have the beauty of so many others.


We were quite close to the bank where these crocodile was laying.  Since I couldn’t get a good shot of the head because of our proximity and my spot on the boat, I thought it would be interesting to show jus the tail.  It reminds me just how prehistoric they are.


Tell tale sign of a recent meal..



This is a different croc.. I was quite surprised by how different they were in color.  Some where quite dark while others were much lighter like this one.


Although hippos don’t usually spend time grazing during daylight, there are always a few to be seen here and there.


Catching those big yawns, which are for display usually, is always something fun to do.


This was hilarious!  This was the hippo that seemed annoyed by the grey heron on the back of another.  Suddenly it rolled over waving its feet in the air.  I have never seen that before and I really don’t know what was going on.  Perhaps a good back rub on the bottom of the river bed?


A few more crocs resting in the heat of the day.


More hippos, adults and youngsters..


Young one trying to be impressive.  Kind of hard to do when you don’t have your big imposing teeth yet.


Some minor altercation but it was impossible to see what was going on with all the splashing.


There was a bit of wildlife that frequented the grounds of the hotel where we were staying while boating on the Chobe.  These are banded mongoose.


More hippos..


This fellow was pretty much alone so I guess the display was for our benefit.  This one was really getting into it.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one come so far out of the water during a display.



Such a unique shaped jaws!!  Vegetarian or not, I wouldn’t want to get caught in those jaws.  Compared to other animals in the water that pose a threat to humans, the fast majority of deaths are due to hippos.


And that’s pretty much it.  Actually, it is it.  The last post I’ll be doing on Africa for quite some time.


2 thoughts on “Everything not cats, dogs or elephants.. Chobe River

  1. Oh no, I don’t want it to be over. I saw your email notification come in earlier and scrambled through your photos as I was working. Now I have had the opportunity to take my time and go through them slowly. I am so sad that this trip is over. You have me thinking I should be jumping on one of Grant’s safaris.
    There has been so many great photos. In this entry, the hippos have been outstanding. 16966 has to be my pick from the entry. I would have that blown up and put on my wall. Then there is the sable, talk about lucky – 16895.
    A couple of photos of crocs that I really liked 16952 and 17331, great colours, and contrast.
    And the hippo roll, how many people get to see a hippo do just that.

    You have truly had a fantastic trip. I do have many questions for you but have been so busy I haven’t had time to scratch myself. This weekend I am going to email you, I promise.

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